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We have waited until now to introduce new products into our company because we believe that focusing on what you know best is key to a successful business. However, these natural fruit purees are such a good product that we didn’t think twice about making them available in the Rio Grande Valley right away.

Our natural fruit purees are made with 100% fruit pulp and have gourmet quality taste and nutrition. These fruit purees can be used as a mix in cocktails, for cooking, as dessert toppings and more! Here are just a few qualities our natural fruit purees have:

Multi-use / 9 different flavors/ No refrigeration needed Duration of 1 year

When compared with usual brands used in restaurants and bars, our natural fruit purees contain: 
25 grams less sugar 
30 milligrams less sodium 0.5 grams less fat


Martinis, Margaritas, Fruit Water, Flavored Micheladas, Italian Soda, Popsicles, Smoothies, Snow Cones, Desserts, Fillings, Cooking and more!

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